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HM-YP400 Rigid Box Pressing Machine

HM-YP400 Automatic rigid box pressing machine is mainly used for avoiding box bubbles. It is extensively suitable for cell-phone boxes, gift boxes, cosmetics boxes, watch boxes and slanting boxes.

Parameters of the Automatic Rigid Box Pressing Machine
Model HM-YP400
Finished Box Size Max. 350x250x120mm
Finished Box Size Min. 60x45x10mm
Speed ≤25PCS/min
Power 0.5kW
Air Supply 449L/min, 0.5MPa
Net Weight 400kg
Machine Dimension 2450x1150x2000mm

HM-YP400 automatic rigid box pressing machine adopts the whole-frame design, which makes it safe and beautiful and operate stably. The machine is usually connected after the fully automatic rigid box machine, which can realize automatic box bubbles removing. This rigid box machinery also can be used independently, but needs worker to put on box manually. The whole machine adopts PLC, bringing high-automation, simple operate and easy maintenance.

Features of the Automatic Rigid Box Pressing Machine
1. Robot can automatically catch boxes.
2. It can adjust cylinder pressure stroke according to the height of box.
3. Conveyor belt will automatically stop working after box is into it.
4. Box-out direction can be changed freely.
5. Box-release structure adopts needle to make it back.
6. Use automatic stop system when this cellphone box machine has error.
7. This cosmetic box machine can move freely.