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HM-ZD240 Automatic Rigid Box Maker, Case Erector

The HM-ZD240 Automatic Rigid Box Maker is specially designed for small rigid boxes, such as jewelry boxes, pencil boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. The Minimum size for wrapped box is 45x35x10mm. It is the smallest automatic box maker in China

The fully-automatic machine adopts PLC control, and the spot unit adopts Germany camera with 5 million pixel and robot arm to pick and spot the greybeard, enhancing the spotting accuracy± 0.05mm.

This machine only needs 1 or 2 operators and outputs about 1500-1920 boxes/hour

1. Suitable for all kinds of rigid boxes in mass production;
2. Adopting PLC, camera tracing system and man-machine control to automatically form boxes in one process;
3. Computer control with error auto stop and display;
4. Automatically feed paper and greyboard;
5. 24 hours control for glue pre-heating;
6. Automatically cut and heat the tape to paste on the greyboard box’s quad-stayer (four corners), with independent man-machine control;
7.Spotted by camera and robot arm (spotting accuracy ≤0.05mm.) ;
8. Wrapping unit can automatically and continually wrap paper, Collect and form box;
9. Remodel for irregular boxes and plastic boxes (optional);
10. Automatic control system for glue viscosity (optional).

Technical Parameters
Model HM-ZD240
Paper Sheet Size
B=Length, A=Width
A ( Max.) 305mm
A ( Min.) 45mm
A ( Max.) 450mm
A ( Min.) 110mm
Finished Box Size
L ( Max.) 240mm
L ( Min.) 45mm
W ( Max.) 160mm
W ( Min.) 35mm
H ( Max.) 80mm
H ( Min.) 10mm
Cardboard thickness (T) T ( Max.) 3mm
T ( Min.) 0.5mm
Paper Thickness Thickness Range 80-160gsm
Folding-in Depth ( R ) R 8mm-20mm
Speed 18-32pcs/min
Voltage AC380V
Power 13kW
Net Weight 3300kg
Machine Dimension 4500x4000x2600mm

1. The finished box Max.Sizes are determined by paper size A( Min.)
2. The production speed of the rigid box maker is determined by the box size, paper and cardboard materials.
3. Seller don’t provide air compressor. (6 atm=0.606MPA , 5.5KW compressor is needed)

Finished Box:
  • Jewelry Box
  • 2-Piece Chocolate Box
  • Watch Box

The case erector of Hongming company, can be used to make a wide range of 2-piece rigid boxes, such as gift box, jewelry box, shoe box, garment box, underwear box, shirt box, scarf box, bed box, wine box, cosmetic box, watch box, pencil box, candy box, mooncake box, chocolate box, cardboard box, as well as cell phone boxes like iPhone phone boxes, Samsung phone boxes, HTC mobile phone boxes, Nokia phone boxes, Sonny phone boxes, etc.