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    1. HM-ZD430 Automatic Rigid Box Forming MachineHM-430 Automatic rigid box forming machine applies to make high quality rigid box into mass production, like jewelry box, mobile box, gift box, cosmetic box, watch box, slanting box, slip case (optional device) etc.
    1. HM-ZD350 Automatic Rigid Box MakerThe HM-ZD350 Automatic Rigid Box Maker is one of our most advanced production lines used for the manufacturing of various types of rigid boxes. The box machine can produce boxes as small as 45x35x10mm, and as large as 350x250x80mm. This makes the machine our most versatile box producer with its size range and box types.
    1. HM-500A Rigid Box Forming MachineThis rigid box forming machine is designed for wrapping and folding the paper edges in the production process for rigid boxes and other cardboard box products.
    1. HM-3525 Case ErectorThe HM-3525 case erector is used for the production of greyboard used in the manufacturing of rigid boxes. The machinery is designed to minimize greyboard loss and make the box production process more environmentally friendly.
    1. HM-TK2515 Automatic Case ErectorThe HM-TK2515 automatic case erector features a design that is based on the HM-ZD240 automatic rigid box maker. The machine is utilized for attaching the lining into finished boxes using a high precision and a 4-axis servo. The 4-axis servo arm grabs the lining and coats the glue, all while guided by the camera system. This equipment is used to produce high-end rigid packaging for mobile phones, jewelry, gifts and many other types of boxes.
    1. HM-TN3025 Automatic Case ErectorThe HM-TN3025 automatic case erector is designed to attach the lining for finished rigid packages. The 2-axis servo arm grabs the lining and applies a coating of glue from the roller for a secure hold on the lining. The HM-TN3025 was produced for the manufacturing of high-end rigid boxes that are used for the packaging of mobile phones, jewelry and many other luxury products.

Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

On this page, we mainly introduce you 4 key products which are HM-ZD600, HM-ZD240, HM-BD600, and HM-ZDS240.

The HM-ZD600 and HM-ZD240 are fully automatic rigid box making machines. The former is mainly used in the production of large sized box, shoe box, home textile boxes, T shirt packaging box, and more. The latter is mainly applicable for the making of jewelry boxes, gift boxes and other small sized boxes.

The HM-BD600 is similar to the HM-ZD600. The only difference is that the HM-BD600 needs to put the boxes manually. The HM-ZDS240 is the only one among the four machines that can be used to make plastic boxes with high grade for packaging of high-end watch, luxury necklace, and more.

Our automatic rigid box making machines can be utilized to produce all kinds of rigid set up boxes for packaging of shoes, cell phones, T shirts and other garment, gifts, jewellery, chocolates and other food, hardware, electronics, and so on.

Hongming Machinery is a box making machinery manufacturer and exporter based in China, with 14 years production experience. In addition to the production of box makers, we are also specialized in the production of gluing machine, box corner pasting machines, notching machines and other machinery.

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