1. HM-S240 Automatic Rigid Box Corner Pasting MachineAs a part of a rigid box making machine, the HM-S240 automatic box corner pasting machine is designed to paste the corners of various boxes, like the cigarette case. It utilizes paper adhesive tape to paste the corners, and wooden, plastic or aluminum dies in different sizes are available to suit boxes with varied sizes.
    1. HM-YP400 Rigid Box Pressing MachineHM-YP400 Automatic rigid box pressing machine is mainly used for avoiding box bubbles. It is extensively suitable for cell-phone boxes, gift boxes, cosmetics boxes, watch boxes and slanting boxes.
    1. HM-40 Rigid Box Corner Pasting Machine

      The HM-40 rigid box corner pasting machine is developed to paste the four corners of the inner grey board box during rigid box making process. Hot melt tape helps save raw material utilization.

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    1. HM-YP300B Box Pressing MachineThe HM-YP300B box pressing machine is designed to avoid bubbles, drape, and deformation on the bonding surface between the surface paper and the grey board. It assists in producing boxes with smooth surface and beautiful appearance.
    1. HM-YP450 Rigid Box Folding Pressing MachineThis machine is available in folding-in the box flaps and pressing the bubbles in one press for rigid boxes, such as gift boxes, phone boxes, jewellery boxes, shoe boxes shirt boxes, cosmetic boxes, candy boxes, cake boxes, etc.