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HM-650A Automatic Gluing Machine

1. The HM-650A automatic gluing machine has automatic paper feeding, gluing, and automatic temperature control functions. Also, it is equipped with a 24-hour timer.
2. The paper suction system can effective avoid curing or bubbling of paper materials. Meanwhile, the automatic paper feeder system ensures stable and fast operation.
3. The automatic gluer is compatible with hot melt adhesives or animal glues which are healthy and environmental friendly. The adhesives can be recycled to save costs. The machine can be remodeled to support white glue.
4. The equipment speed is adjustable between 7 sheets/min and 40 sheets/min.
5. The automatic gluing machine is equipped with a standard 5m working table. 7m and 9m working tables can be customized according to clients' demands.

Technical Parameters
Model HM-650A HM-850A
Working Width 80-600mm 80-800mm
Sheet Thickness 80-200gsm 80-200gsm
Production Speed 7-40pcs/min 7-40pcs/min
Voltage AC380V AC380V
Power 7.45kW 7.45kW
Dimension 6350x1650x1100mm 6350x1850x1100mm
Net Weight 1100kg 1275kg

1. Working table in the length of 5m is for standard configuration. 7m and 9m working table can be customized upon customers’ requirement.
2. This machine can be remodeled for the application of white glue.

Raw material related
Animal glue
Wrap paper

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