1. HM-650B Automatic Gluing MachineThe HM-650B automatic gluing machine is designed for cover paper gluing. It is equipped with a rubber wheel paper feeding system to improve the production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
    1. HM-650C Manual Gluing MachineThe HM-650C semi-automatic box gluing machine is ideal for paper gluing during rigid box making process. Requiring manual paper feeding, it has automatic temperature control function, and is available with a 24-hour timer.
      The paper suction device can effectively prevent paper material from curling or bubbling during gluing process.
    1. HM-22 Gluing MachineThe HM-22 white glue pasting machine is utilized to glue the paper sheets for rigid boxes and hard covers making. It is characterized by simple structure, easy operation, as well as flexible and easy speed adjustment. The stainless steel glue rollers ensure uniform glue thickness.
      The white glue pasting machine is applicable for small quantity production.
    1. HM-720 Gluing MachineWith simple structure, easy operation, and flexible speed adjustment, the HM-720 white glue pasting machine is commonly utilized for paper gluing in the process of making rigid paper boxes and hard covers. Its stainless steel glue rollers make sure the glue coating process is smooth, and the glue thickness is uniform.

Box Gluing Machine

We can offer five models of semi-automatic box making machine for customers to choose from. The HM-650A, HM-650B, and HM-650C models work with a conveyor belt. In addition to hot glue, they are capable of applying cold glue with an optional device. The HM-22 and HM-720 are designed for cold glue application, and suit to small quantity orders.

Our semi-automatic box making machine are applicable for gluing all kinds of rigid set up boxes, including the packaging boxes for shoes, cell phones, garments, gifts, jewelry, food, hardware, and electronics. Also, they are commonly used in the production of book cover, and calendar cover.

As an experienced semi-automatic box making machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Hongming offers a comprehensive range of products, including hard cover making machine, rigid box making machine, box notching machine, and more.

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