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HM-S240 Rigid Box Corner Pasting Machine

As a part of a rigid box making machine, the HM-S240 automatic box corner pasting machine is designed to paste the corners of various boxes, like the cigarette case. It utilizes paper adhesive tape to paste the corners, and wooden, plastic or aluminum dies in different sizes are available to suit boxes with varied sizes.

Technical Specifications
Model HM-S240 HM-S600
Box Size Max. Length 240mm 600mm
Min. Length 45mm 125mm
Max. Width 160mm 400mm
Min. Width 35mm 50mm
Max. Height 80mm 130mm
Min. Height 10mm 12mm
Max. Thickness 3mm 4mm
Min. Thickness 0.5mm 1mm
Speed 25-30pcs/minmm 15-30pcs/min
Power 2.5kW 4.8kW
Net Weight 570kg 1400kg
Item No. Packaging Quantity Cases Case dimension (m) Total (CBM) Net Weight (kg) Total N.W (kg) Gross weight (kg) Total G.W. (kg)
HM-S240 1 2 1.58×1.54×2.02 5.87 400 570 450 670
1.32×0.58×1.19m 170 220

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