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HM-40 Rigid Box Corner Pasting Machine

The HM-40 rigid box corner pasting machine is developed to paste the four corners of the inner grey board box during rigid box making process. Hot melt tape helps save raw material utilization. The end product comes with smooth surface, stable structure, and elegant external. The corner pasting machine is indispensable for box making.

Main Parameters
Model HM-40 HM-40B HM-40C
Minimum Case Size 40×40×10mm 40×40×10mm 40×40×10mm
Production Speed 20-40pcs/min 20-40pcs/min 20-40pcs/min
Tape width 19mm 38mm 19mm
Tape length Max 30mm 30mm 60mm
Voltage AC220V AC220V AC220V
Power 0.4kW 0.4kW 0.4kW
Net Weight 170kg 170kg 170kg
Overall Dimension 800×500×1400mm 800×500×1400mm 800×500×1400mm

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Related Names
Decorative Box Corner Taping Device | Paper Case Protection Equipment | Wrapping Facility | Corner Pasting Machine | Angle Pasting Machine | Quad Stayer | Angle Stayer

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