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HM-600C Double Side Edge Folding Machine

The HM-600C double side cover edge folding machine is one of the parts of a semi-automatic book cover maker. It is mainly used for folding the long edges. It is usually used in combination with our HM-650A, HM-650B, or HM-650C gluing machine.
Firstly, use the gluing machine for paper glue coating. Next, position the paperboard onto the glued paper manually. Then, the conveyor belt of the gluing machine will deliver the cover to HM-600C. After that, the cover edge folding machine will complete edge folding at a time. Finally, it creates a smooth book cover surface by pressing against the cover using rubber rollers, which also avoids scratching effectively.

Technical Parameters
Model HM-600C
Cover Paper Thickness 80-200gsm
Book Cover Width 100-600mm
Book Cover Length 100-1000mm
Book Cover Thickness 1-4mm
Production Speed 10-30pcs/min
Voltage AC220V
Power 0.75KW
Net Weight 350kg
Machine Dimension 1850×1150×1050mm
Packaging Details
Model Wooden case Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Total CBM Net Weight (kg) Gross Weight (kg) Total Weight (kg)
HM-600C 1 1.30 1.25 1.15 1.87 350 400 400

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