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HM-1200D/E Automatic Box Notching Machine

Features and functions
The HM-1200E notching machine is designed for notching various types of gift boxes and other cardboard boxes to give them a beautiful appearance. This is often used in the production of high-end packaging for cosmetics products, jewelry, etc.

Our automatic notching machines can process over 8 tons of greyboard every day.

This piece of equipment requires an operator at all times because it utilizes manual feeding.

Technical Parameters
Model HM-1200D HM-1200E
Greyboard Width 50-950mm 50-950mm
Greyboard Length 120-600mm 120-600mm
Notch Distance 0-900mm 0-900mm
Greyboard Thickness 1-4mm 200gsm-4mm
Notch Angle 80-1400 80-1400
Number of Notch 8 slots 8 slots
Speed ≤40m/min ≤40m/min
Power/Voltage 2kw/380V 2kw/380V
Net Weight 1500kg 1500kg
Machine Dimension 1865x1500x1350mm 1965x1500x1350mm
Package details
Model Name Wooden case N.G (kg) G.G (kg) L(m) W(m) H(m) Total CBM
HM-1200D Automatic Notching Machine 1 1300 1500 2.04 1.66 1.67 5.66
HM-1200E Automatic Notching Machine 1 1384 1550 2.14 1.66 1.67 5.93
The knife to notch
The inner of the machine and the angel to adjust
Direct output
V-shape outputs
Channel outputs

More: If the greyboard is first half-through pressed in the backside, then it is notched on the frontside, the four corners will automatically fall off during the notching process.