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HM-1200B Manual Box Notching Machine

The HM-1200B notching machine is suitable for creating various models of boxes such as cardboard, slotted metal, book-shaped boxes, or boxes for holding mooncakes and gifts. Having a beautiful box as the package is a great way to promote the product and make it a desirable choice for customers.

Technical Parameters
Model HM-1200B
Cardboard Width 50-950mm
Cardboard Length 100-530mm
Notch Distance 0-900mm
Cardboard Thickness 250gsm-4mm
Notch Angle 80-140°
Max. Number of Slots 8 slots
Roller rolling speed 10-35m /min
Power/ Voltage 1.5kW/AC380V
Net Weight 1200kg
Overall dimension 1300×1500×1580 mm
Package Details
Model Name Wooden Case NW GW L W H CBM
HM-1200B Grooving Machine 1 1200   1300 1.54 1.35 1.68 3.49

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