1. HM-PX1000 Manual Box Notching MachineOur manual grooving machine is used for notching greyboard on a plate. The machine does not cause any cosmetic wrinkles or unwanted bending during box production. We guarantee a high quality end product when using our equipment.
    1. HM-ZDPX1000 Automatic Box Notching Machine1. The entire production process is PLC controlled for easy operation
      2. The feeding plate is controlled by linear guide and servo motor
      3. All the knives are made of wear resistant tungsten steel for highly accurate cuts
      4. It can notch various paper materials, including cardboard, paperboard, density boards, etc.

Box Notching Machine

We can offer different types of box notching machine to suit clients’ varied application demands. For instance, the HM-wk1200 is two-operator operated, and HM-1200B is one-operator operated, both with paperboards fed from the front end, and come out from the rear end. The HM-1300 is especially applicable for grooving of MDF boards.

Hongming is an earliest post press equipment manufacturer based in China, and we have specialized in exporting our automatic and semi automatic box making machines and other related equipment for over a decade. Now, we are expanding our international market by making improvement on our current products through technical innovation. We also offer thoughtful customer services to achieve customer satisfaction. If you need box notching machine, rigid box gluing machine, hard cover making machine, or other related equipment, please feel free to contact us.

We are a professional box notching machine manufacturer and supplier in China, We offer a wide range of products, including rigid box making machine, gluing machine, hard cover making machine and more.

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