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    1. HM-ZD350A Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

      HM-ZD350A automatic rigid box machine is one of the most advanced fully auto box machine produced by our company. It is suitable for making various types of rigid boxes for mass production.

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    1. HM-ZD6418 Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

      The HM-ZD6418 Automatic rigid box making machine is an advanced piece of manufacturing equipment that features fully automatic operation to make various types of rigid boxes.

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    1. HM-ZD2418 Automatic Rigid Box Production Line

      The HM-ZD2418 Automatic Rigid Box Line was designed and manufactured to produce the finest quality packages, such as jewelry boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc.

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    1. HM-ZD600 Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine

      Thanks to the sophisticated electric eye tracing system and hydraulic pneumatic rectifying system and automatic feed device, the equipment can produce 1500-1800 boxes per hour with incredible precision.

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    1. HM-ZD240 Automatic Rigid Box Maker

      The highly automated machine is PLC controlled for incredible accuracy.
      It is equipped with a highly sensitive sensor for enhanced spotting accuracy to within 0.05mm.

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    1. HM-ZD430 Automatic Rigid Box Forming MachineHM-430 Automatic rigid box forming machine applies to make high quality rigid box into mass production, like jewelry box, mobile box, gift box, cosmetic box, watch box, slanting box, slip case (optional device) etc.
    1. HM-ZD350 Automatic Rigid Box MakerThe HM-ZD350 Automatic Rigid Box Maker is one of our most advanced production lines used for the manufacturing of various types of rigid boxes. The box machine can produce boxes as small as 45x35x10mm, and as large as 350x250x80mm. This makes the machine our most versatile box producer with its size range and box types.
    1. HM-500A Rigid Box Forming MachineThis rigid box forming machine is designed for wrapping and folding the paper edges in the production process for rigid boxes and other cardboard box products.
    1. HM-3525 Case ErectorThe HM-3525 case erector is used for the production of greyboard used in the manufacturing of rigid boxes. The machinery is designed to minimize greyboard loss and make the box production process more environmentally friendly.
    1. HM-TK2515 Automatic Case ErectorThe HM-TK2515 automatic case erector features a design that is based on the HM-ZD240 automatic rigid box maker. The machine is utilized for attaching the lining into finished boxes using a high precision and a 4-axis servo. The 4-axis servo arm grabs the lining and coats the glue, all while guided by the camera system. This equipment is used to produce high-end rigid packaging for mobile phones, jewelry, gifts and many other types of boxes.
    1. HM-TN3025 Automatic Case ErectorThe HM-TN3025 automatic case erector is designed to attach the lining for finished rigid packages. The 2-axis servo arm grabs the lining and applies a coating of glue from the roller for a secure hold on the lining. The HM-TN3025 was produced for the manufacturing of high-end rigid boxes that are used for the packaging of mobile phones, jewelry and many other luxury products.
    1. HM-650A Automatic Gluing Machine

      The HM-650A automatic gluing machine has automatic paper feeding, gluing, and automatic temperature control functions. Also, it is equipped with a 24-hour timer.

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    1. HM-650B Automatic Gluing MachineThe HM-650B automatic gluing machine is designed for cover paper gluing. It is equipped with a rubber wheel paper feeding system to improve the production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
    1. HM-650C Manual Gluing MachineThe HM-650C semi-automatic box gluing machine is ideal for paper gluing during rigid box making process. Requiring manual paper feeding, it has automatic temperature control function, and is available with a 24-hour timer.
      The paper suction device can effectively prevent paper material from curling or bubbling during gluing process.
    1. HM-22 Gluing MachineThe HM-22 white glue pasting machine is utilized to glue the paper sheets for rigid boxes and hard covers making. It is characterized by simple structure, easy operation, as well as flexible and easy speed adjustment. The stainless steel glue rollers ensure uniform glue thickness.
      The white glue pasting machine is applicable for small quantity production.
    1. HM-720 Gluing MachineWith simple structure, easy operation, and flexible speed adjustment, the HM-720 white glue pasting machine is commonly utilized for paper gluing in the process of making rigid paper boxes and hard covers. Its stainless steel glue rollers make sure the glue coating process is smooth, and the glue thickness is uniform.
    1. HM-S240 Automatic Rigid Box Corner Pasting MachineAs a part of a rigid box making machine, the HM-S240 automatic box corner pasting machine is designed to paste the corners of various boxes, like the cigarette case. It utilizes paper adhesive tape to paste the corners, and wooden, plastic or aluminum dies in different sizes are available to suit boxes with varied sizes.
    1. HM-YP400 Rigid Box Pressing MachineHM-YP400 Automatic rigid box pressing machine is mainly used for avoiding box bubbles. It is extensively suitable for cell-phone boxes, gift boxes, cosmetics boxes, watch boxes and slanting boxes.
    1. HM-40 Rigid Box Corner Pasting Machine

      The HM-40 rigid box corner pasting machine is developed to paste the four corners of the inner grey board box during rigid box making process. Hot melt tape helps save raw material utilization.

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    1. HM-YP300B Box Pressing MachineThe HM-YP300B box pressing machine is designed to avoid bubbles, drape, and deformation on the bonding surface between the surface paper and the grey board. It assists in producing boxes with smooth surface and beautiful appearance.
    1. HM-YP450 Rigid Box Folding Pressing MachineThis machine is available in folding-in the box flaps and pressing the bubbles in one press for rigid boxes, such as gift boxes, phone boxes, jewellery boxes, shoe boxes shirt boxes, cosmetic boxes, candy boxes, cake boxes, etc.
    1. HM-1200D/E Automatic Box Notching Machine

      The HM-1200E notching machine is designed for notching various types of gift boxes and other cardboard boxes to give them a beautiful appearance.

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    1. HM-1200B Manual Box Notching Machine

      The HM-1200B grooving machine is suitable for creating various models of boxes such as cardboard, slotted metal, book-shaped boxes, or boxes for holding mooncakes and gifts.

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    1. HM-PX1000 Manual Box Notching MachineOur manual grooving machine is used for notching greyboard on a plate. The machine does not cause any cosmetic wrinkles or unwanted bending during box production. We guarantee a high quality end product when using our equipment.
    1. HM-ZDPX1000 Automatic Box Notching Machine1. The entire production process is PLC controlled for easy operation
      2. The feeding plate is controlled by linear guide and servo motor
      3. All the knives are made of wear resistant tungsten steel for highly accurate cuts
      4. It can notch various paper materials, including cardboard, paperboard, density boards, etc.
    1. HM-600C Double Side Edge Folding MachineIt is usually used in combination with our HM-650A, HM-650B, or HM-650C gluing machine. Firstly, use the gluing machine for paper glue coating. Next, position the paperboard onto the glued paper manually. Then, the conveyor belt of the gluing machine will deliver the cover to HM-600C. After that, the cover edge folding machine will complete edge folding at a time.
    1. HM-300 Double Side Edge Folding MachineIt can finish the folding of two long-edges synchronously. After edge folding, the equipment will press against the book cover using its rubber rollers, so as to ensure smooth and flat surface for the end product. The rubber rollers with smooth surface can also avoid scratches on book cover.
    1. HM-800 Single Side Edge Folding MachineIt is usually matched with our HM-650A, 650B or 650C gluing machines. After coating glue on the cover paper, workers have to position the paperboard on the glue-coated cover paper. After that, the bonded material will be delivered to our HM-600C for long-edges folding. Finally, the material is send to the HM-800 single-side edge folding machine to complete the short-edge folding.
    1. HM-950 Cover Pressing MachineThe HM-950 cover pressing machine is used after a hard cover is finished. It functions to press the cover, so as to make sure the surface paper is bonded with the paperboard tightly but without bubbles.
    1. HM-600B Hardcover Making MachineThis Semi-automatic Hard Cover Making Machine was designed to speed up the process of producing hard covers used in book binding. This process used to be performed by hand and it was a long and arduous process.
    1. HM-600D Hardcover Making MachineThis Semi-automatic Hard Cover Making Machine was designed to speed up the process of producing hard covers used in book binding. This process used to be performed by hand and it was a long and arduous process.
      The semi-automatic book cover production line is made up of 3 small machines.
    1. HM-750 Hydraulic Book Press MachineThe HM-750 hydraulic book pressing machine is used by manufacturers as one of the final steps in the book production process. It is utilized for leveling and forming book cores, and other bound paper products. The hydraulic drive used by this machine is compact, powerful and easy to use.

Hongming Machinery establishes itself as a company that manufactures and supplies the rigid box making machine. A popular client choice is the HM-ZD600 or HM-ZD240 automatic rigid box maker. We also can supply clients with the HM-1200C automatic notching machine, among various others.

The HM-DA series automatic book cover maker is just another noteworthy product developed by the technology study group of Hongming Machinery. The product owns complete intellectual property rights. Its matched HM automatic deviation-correction device and circulating cardboard transferring apparatus have won two national patents.

Two years had been spent experimenting on how to improve the precision of cardboard positioning before the HM deviation correction device was finally created. The device employs the photoelectric sensor to detect the position of wrapping paper. Via the PLC system, the positioning error is calculated. Then the hydraulic transmission system will correct this error by adjusting its position. This process can achieve a positioning precision of ±0.5mm. High precision positioning enables a significant improvement in product quality. It also solves the problem of inaccurate positioning faced by the hardcover making machine manufacturer.

Developed at the same with the deviation-correction device is the HM circulation cardboard transferring apparatus, which can improve the rate at which the cardboard is transferred. Unlike other cardboard transferring apparatus sold on the market, this HM circulation type uses more than one transferring mechanism to send cardboards in a circulatory manner. It is of great help in promoting the productivity of our HM-DA series hardcover making machine.

The said two techniques provide a brand-new solution for the printing and packaging enterprises in improving product quality and production rate, optimizing the product structure, enhancing added value, and boosting up their core competencies.