Guangdong Hongming Intelligent Joint Stock Co.,Ltd.
Add.: Niushan Qiantou Xinxing Industry Park, Dong Cheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel.: +86-769-22187142
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Guangdong Hongming Intelligent Joint Stock Co.,Ltd. is a rigid box making machine manufacturer based in China. Our most popular products include our HM-ZD600 automatic rigid box making machine and HM-ZD240 automatic rigid box maker. Also popular are our semi-automatic rigid box making machines. With stable performance and an attractive design, our products are used to make a wide range of boxes that hold a diverse range of products such as mobile phones, cosmetics, wine, shoes, and chocolate. At Hongming, we not only manufacture high quality box making products, but we offer integrated solutions for box manufacturers as well.

In 1999, our company was established as a semi-automatic rigid box making machine manufacturer. Since that time, our business has grown into a substantial 20,000 square meter company. At Hongming Machinery, we currently employ a research and development team of more than 20 people. We also have created an advanced CNC processing center, casting machine center, and printing center. Because of our superior equipment and our skilled staff, we manufacture high quality, high precision machinery. In addition, because of our production process management expertise, we are CE certified.

With 18 years of experience in box making machine manufacturing, we are a leader in our field. Our products are sold in dozens of countries around the world, including India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Poland, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arab, and Egypt.