Guangdong Hongming Intelligent Joint Stock Co.,Ltd.
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Our service philosophy: At Hongming Machinery, we dedicate ourselves to the support of our clients. We strive to continuously pursue the highest level of client satisfaction and trust.

Our service goal: At Hongming Machinery, we understand the importance of customer service. That is why we strive to provide fast, accurate, and diverse services that will meet the individual needs of each client. We aim for 100% satisfaction of our clients from the moment they contact us.

Our service policy: At Hongming Machinery, we create maximum value for our customers. We provide sales and repair services to fulfill our all customers’ requests.

Our service objective: At Hongming Machinery, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction every step of the way. From the purchase and use of our products, to maintenance and product updates, our service covers it all.

Our Training Services
Our customers can reach us 24 hours a day via telephone, internet, and other remote devices. We offer professional training of machine operation and maintenance as well as machine fault identification and correction. These programs provide useful information to the users and help maximize customer value.

Our Consultation Services
Customers can contact our information center for consultation. On-site instruction and various training programs are also available to ensure that our customers can obtain comprehensive and detailed advice from our support team.

1. The warranty coverage period is one year, or 2000 hours, from the implementation of the guarantee policy.
2. If required, our service team will arrive at your location within 24 hours, if you reside in the city, or within 48 hours if you live in a remote rural area.
3. Life-long repair service as well as technical training, advice, and support are also offered.

Our Installation and Commissioning
After your ordered equipment arrives, we send a mechanical engineer to your location for installation and commissioning, which shall be completed within 15 days. The customer is responsible for the engineer’s transportation, accommodations, and meals while he or she is in your city. Prior to dispatching our engineer, we provide a list of what is needed for installation, including equipment and auxiliary tools. The list will be attached with the installation schedule.

Our Quality Guarantee
We guarantee that our equipment is in compliance with the technical specifications as required in the contract or with the published technical specifications of the manufacturer if not stipulated in the contract. A one-year guarantee is provided with the machine after the B/L date.

We shall provide replacement parts and after-sales service to the buyer throughout the entire life of the machine. For any damage that occurs to the machine parts within the guarantee period, we offer a new one at no charge and with no shipping or repair service fees. The buyer, however, incurs the import tax.

Under other circumstances not described above, the customer takes full responsibility.

Lubrication Information for Our Products
1. Refill the key machine parts with fresh lubricant after every 200 hours of operation. These parts include the connection parts of the cam roller, motor bearing, sprocket wheel, and gear.
2. The parts needed to be oiled are usually easily visible. Use the following lubricating oil:
- 2# extreme-pressure lithium-based lubricating greases for use on the filleted parts at high temperature
- Jinsuo lithium-based lubricating greases for the cam roller and bearing block
- Mobile 1330 engine oil for the driving units such as chains and exposed gears.
- Industrial closed gear oil L-CKC150 for the gear box.
3. To select the right type of engine oil, refer to the specifications of the automatic oiler.